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About VBC

In early 2019, I received the most perfect news that I was due my second child later that year. With an almost 6 year old girl and a beautiful baby boy on the way, I couldn't of felt luckier. When my daughter was just 5 months old, I cut my maternity short and returned to work almost full time thinking this would create the best life for her. I missed so much of my little girl growing up through going to work at a big corporate company, precious moments and years that I could never get back, and so, this time round I was determined not to miss out on all the memories.


As my maternity leave came to an end I sat down with my incredibly supportive partner and we brainstormed... 

I have always had such a love for gifting, but gifting unique and meaningful things. I've never been a fan of a cliche body gift sets, or a generic mug. I would happily receive something that cost pence but had oodles of love and thought into it than an expensive bit of jewelry any day! So, with all that in mind... Vinacie Bespoke Creations was born.

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My Mission

To make meaningful gifts and personal treats affordable

There isn't a family member or friend I have that hasn't received a personal and meaningful gift from me. Whether it's a birthday occasion, a cause for celebration or a just because I love you gift, I always make sure what I buy means more, and I want to help you gift better too.
keep your eye out in your parcels too... I don't just like to gift my loved ones. Every month I send out random happy posts to my customers and followers. Since opening my business I have sent on average 5-10 free items to customers each month. There is no way I would ever be able to thank my customers for helping build my dream and allow me to be with my children through each step they take in life, but I hope the happy post I send makes you beautiful lot feel appreciated  even just a fraction of how much I am grateful for you and your support!

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Where do I want VBC to grow to?

Wherever VBC takes me I am happy with, while ever it allows me days with my babies, I am eternally grateful and happy. I don't ever expect to grow industrial sized, I just want to keep growing happily.

What are my dreams and hopes for VBC?

Naturally, I want VBC to expand, but my biggest dream and hope for VBC is to be busy enough to employ other parents and allow them days with their babies too, having a job that works around them and their family with the type of boss I always wish I had when working for others.

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